Malanka 2020

Malanka- Ukrainian New Year Celebrations in Kelowna, BC 

Silent auction is prepared                                                                                                                    Dances get ready for performance

Preparations continue                                                                                                                        Senior dancers welcome arriving guests

Victor and his band welcome our guests                                                                                        Ashley and Lisa are our MC’s for the evening

Senior dancers welcome our guests with bread and salt and dance called Pryvit.

Diana and Peter say grace before the meal and then supper is served.  Smachnoho!

Meanwhile in the back rooms preparations continue with costume checks and last minute instructions from our instructors.

Our adult dancers lead the performance after supper, followed by our beginner dancers.

Junior dancers put on a fine performance.  Thank you to all dance instructors for your dedicated work!

Our second junior group performs followed by Intermediate dancers.  Good job!

A big thank you to Ashley, our instructors, our dancers, our executive and our parents who all work together to make Dolyna possible!  Over 60 dancers this year!

                                                                                                                                                            Senior dancers follow with the final dance performance of the evening

The Malanka skit takes a modern twist with Malanka  being rescued from the forces of evil and a sure return of spring to the Okanagan!

The return of spring must be celebrated with a Kolomayka!  We hope you will come and join the fun Jan. 2021!